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Poster Printing

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The GIS Center poster printer is currently out of service.

An alternative on-campus printing service is the Ricoh @ FIU Copy Print Pack & Ship Center.


We provide plotting of posters and panels using an HP DesignJet 5500 plotter.

Poster Dimensions

The HP DesignJet 5500 plotter uses 60-inch wide paper, with a maximum printable width of 58 inches.

Posters are printed “as-is” from the file submitted via email (see more on submitting posters for printing below).

After the poster has been printed and its ink has dried, it is manually cut along its border with a small utility (X-Acto) knife.

If a clearly-defined border is absent from your poster, we add one ourselves at the dimensions of the submitted poster. For example, if you submit a 48″ by 36″ poster with no border, we will add a border demarcating the edge of your poster at 48″ by 36″. If one desires that a blank/empty margin be included around the periphery of the poster content, that margin must be included in the submitted file. Otherwise, we will cut the poster along its original dimensions.

Other than adding a border to define where to cut, we make no modifications to the size/scale of the poster or to any graphic or text elements contained within the poster.


Color printing is done on high- or semi-gloss photo paper.

File Formats

We prefer poster files in PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx) format.

Submitting Files

Posters must be submitted at least five (5) business days in advance. We only accept posters via email submission, so as to avoid any potential discrepancies between what is submitted to us, and what we send to the printer for printing.

Please submit your information and your PowerPoint poster image by email to .

FIU Logos and Branding

When using official FIU logos and other graphic branding elements, you should adhere to the strict guidelines described by the Florida International University Brand website. There you will learn about the digital and logo standards to which one must adhere when using such elements in your posters and other FIU-branded output.


Payments must be made in advance using FIU SmartBilling, Personal Check, or Money Order. We do not accept cash or credit cards. Please, contact Steven Switzer

If you pay through FIU SmartBilling, please provide the account number and name of the account administrator in the same email as that in which the file to be printed is sent.

If you pay with check or money order, please make such payments out to “Florida International University”, with “GIS Center” in the memo field.

Posters with a White Background cost $1.80 per inch, measured by the shortest dimension. For example: a 48″ by 36″ poster will cost $64.80 (36″ x $1.80).

Posters with a Colored Background $2.16 per inch, measured by the shortest dimension. For example: a 48″ by 36″ poster will cost $77.76 (36″ x $2.16).

*All Services offered by the FIU GIS Center, including fee-based Services, are for support of FIU Educational and Research activities.


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An alternative on-campus printing service is the Ricoh @ FIU Copy Print Pack & Ship Center.