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Account Types

FIU GIS Center > Services > Account Types

FIU students or faculty engaged in GIS/RS-related learning, teaching and research can apply for a GIS Center user account. We offer the following types of user accounts:

  1. Student Account
    Student accounts are assigned to any student who is taking a class in the Lab or needs to do homework or project assignments that are related to GIS or Remote Sensing. When a student registers for a GIS or Remote Sensing course, their FIU account can be used to access the GIS Center’s computing network. Student accounts are generated automatically, based on the class roster.
  2. Faculty/Staff/Graduate Student Account
    Faculty/staff/graduate student accounts are assigned to any faculty/staff or graduate student teaching or doing research using GIS or Remote Sensing techniques.
    To request a GIS Center user account, please go to the Division of Information Technology “AskIT” page at:

    • Log in to AskIT.
    • Search for Request a GIS account.
    • Fill out the request form with your personal information and reason for requesting an account, then Submit.
    • Students requesting access must identify a Faculty Sponsor and provide the Sponsor’s e-mail address. The Faculty Sponsor is then required to approve the Student’s access.
    • You will receive a confirmation e-mail, telling you that your account has been created and is ready for access.

    NOTE: Students who are registered for GIS courses need not request accounts on an individual basis. GIS Center Accounts will be automatically granted based on the class roster.

*All Services offered by the FIU GIS Center, including fee-based Services, are for support of FIU Educational and Research activities.