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Transportation Outreach Planner

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Transportation Outreach Planner

Project Link: Transportation Outreach Planner Web Site (

People: Zhaohui Fu, FIU Principal Investigator / Elizabeth Rockwell, Miami Dade MPO Program Manager / Dan McGillicuddy, Main Developer

The Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) September, 2003 Certification Report recommended that the Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) incorporate ‘Sociocultural Effect’ features in its planning process to ensure that community values and concerns receive proper attention throughout the entire transportation development process. In response, the Miami-Dade MPO created the Community Characteristics Project (CCP) in order to review the social, economic, and geographic characteristics of an area before public involvement (PI) efforts are initiated. In 2010, the Broward and Palm Beach MPOs joined the program, and the CCP was renamed the “Transportation Outreach Planner”. This web application has a suite of tools which help the managers and planner to make decisions relating to public outreach by providing an interactive demographic reporting tool, community background reports, and a set of public involvement strategy tools. Project URL:


August 16, 2010


Transportation Planning