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FIU Security Research Hub

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FIU Security Research Hub

Project Name: FIU Security Research Hub

Project Link:

Funding Partner: FIU Jack D. Gordon Institute of Public Policy

People: Jennifer Fu (Co-PI), Levente Juhasz (Co-Pi); Team: Boyuan Guan, Diana Ter-Ghazaryan, Hartwig Hochmair, Jill Krefft, Seiji Uchiyama, Jorge Sotolongo, Lovisa Carlson, Daniel Frome, Luis Garcia Falcon, other students

The FIU Security Research Hub is a platform created to facilitate virtual collaboration and information sharing among a variety of partners. It addresses critical security issues within the Latin American and Caribbean regions. The FIU SRH features several dashboards treating security issues, a data hub, a full research repository, and other resources. The FIU SRH brings together a community of industry experts, stakeholders, and researchers across the hemisphere.


January 1, 2021