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Catch the Tide Miami

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Catch the Tide Miami

Project Name: Catch the Tide Miami

Project Link:

Funding Agency: FIU GIS Center, FIU SLSC (Sea Level Solutions Center), FIU CARTA (Communication, Architecture + The Arts)

People: Levente Juhasz (lead), Seiji Uchiyama, Jennifer Fu, Susan Jacobson, Tiffany Troxler

Flooding is a life-threatening and expensive issue in the coastal communities of South Florida and around the nation. More areas will be subject to coastal flooding in the future, due to rising sea levels. This project uses a community-driven approach to address some of the challenges associated with coastal flooding. In addition to tidal floods, we are interested in all kinds of naturally occurring flooding, including inland floods (hence the #FloodMiami social media presence). Your participation can help FIU scientists to see the big picture.


January 1, 2019


Citizen Science, Human-environment Interaction, Sea Level Rise