Account Policies

Account Space and Drives

  • Z:/
    • Each user is assigned his/her own disk space on the Z:/ drive. Users should save their own work on the Z:/ drive ONLY. NO USER can exceed 20 GB of the account space. Once the limit is reached, no additional files may be saved. Your Z:/ network space may be used for data processing purposes, not for storage purposes.
    • All users are responsible for backing-up their files on their own disks.
  • P:/
    • The P:/Public drive is a server space for file sharing among students, GIS Center employees, and faculty. Each teaching faculty can create folders on this public drive to load files such as lectures, homework assignments, and data for classroom use. In addition, there are ArcGIS-related tutorials and reference materials on this drive. Student accounts have read-only permission to the P:/Public drive. Students who wish to run through the tutorials may copy needed files to their personal Z:/ drives.
  • Y:/
    • Most of the public-access geospatial as well as copyrighted data, e.g. ESRI’s data and maps, is on the Y:/drive. This folder is read-only access for all users. For copyrighted data, users must obey copyright laws for digital content.
  • C:/ and D:/
    • On the local computers, drive C:/ is <strong>not</strong> for public use and is not accessible. Any files saved to the desktop are deleted during log out. The D:/ drive can be used for temporary storage, but keep in mind that these drives are routinely purged. Always make a backup of your files once you are done with processing. DVD burner and USB ports are available on each of the lab workstations.
    • To report problems with your account, or network connectivity and hardware problems with lab workstations (e.g. blue screen, or unavailable domain), please contact Voltaire Lysius at (305) 919-5723 or write to Always try to reboot the computer first before reporting hardware problems.

Duration of User Accounts

User accounts will remain active until the end of a class, certificate, or research project. Account activity will be monitored through log-in files. If an account has been inactive for more than 6 months (not including summer) it will be automatically disabled, and the data will be deleted.

User Responsibilities and Rights

A user is solely responsible for all files created and should back up her/his work on removable media, compact disk, DVD, or USB. The GIS Center is not responsible for any lost data. A user cannot give his/her username and password to another person or sign-on anyone with his/her account details. GIS Center employees will unlock a workstation locked for more than half an hour and any unsaved work will be lost. A user cannot engage in any of the following activities:

  1. Use of GIS Center resources for profit-making endeavors. (Note: Lawsuits may follow as a result of using educational licenses for profit-making or other types of commercial activities.)
  2. Watching pornographic content, playing computer games, downloading music, participating in chat rooms or any other activity not related to studying.
  3. Hacking computer networks.
  4. All FIU and Library computer user rules apply to the GIS Center Accounts. Violations of any of the above will result in the immediate loss of the user account and disciplinary action as outlined in the University Technology Services (UTS) Code of Computing Practice.

Violation of any of the above will result in the immediate loss of the user account, a $200 fine, and possibly a lawsuit, which could lead to jail and/or further financial penalty. *All Services offered by the FIU GIS Center, including fee-based Services, are for support of FIU Educational and Research activities.