Software Licenses for Students

Software from ESRI


ArcGIS Desktop 

If you are currently registered for a GIS course and have a GIS user account, on the Public (Q) drive please find a folder called _SOFTWARE that contains: 

  1. ArcGIS Desktop 10.8.1 software executable file
  2. Student trial software authorization file
  3. PDF with step-by-step instructions for installation and authorization

If you are not currently registered for a GIS course, please contact us at (305) 919-4294 or at to get a copy of the software and step-by-step instructions for installing and authorizing the software.  

ArcGIS Pro Software from ESRI

Please contact us at (305) 919-4294 or at to inquire about ArcGIS Pro.  

Before you Install ArcGIS Desktop (aka ArcMap)

  1. Check ESRI's instructions for installing ArcGIS Desktop on your machine. Check out the system requirementsto make sure your computer has the hardware and software required.
    • The software cannot be installed on a computer that has a previous version of ArcGIS Desktop or ArcGIS Server installed; if necessary, uninstall previous versions of ArcGIS Desktop or Server. It’s OK if the computer has ArcGIS Explorer installed.
    • Install an image (ISO) extractor program such as 7-Zip.
  2. Obtain the software and authorization file from your instructor or from the FIU GIS Center. 
  3. Install and authorize ArcGIS Desktop on your machine  
  • If you are installing from an ISO image, unzip the ArcGIS for Desktop ISO using 7-Zip. In other words, click on the link provided above, and "Save File". Then, extract using an extractor program such as 7-Zip, or WinZip.
  • Run Setup.exe (or ESRI.exe) to install ArcGIS for Desktop.
  • The Authorization Wizard will prompt you for a product to authorize; select "Advanced (ArcInfo) Single Use".
  • The Authorization Wizard will prompt you to input an authorization file. Use the file obtained earlier. 



ArcGIS Online Organizational Account

  1. ArcGIS Online is a cloud-based mapping and analysis solution from ESRI.An ArcGIS organizational account (aka ESRI organizational account, AGOL organizational account) allows you to access premium and subscription-based tools and data within ArcGIS Online.  For more details on ArcGIS Online, please visit,and%20to%20share%20and%20collaborate.&text=Your%20data%20and%20maps%20are,your%20mapping%20and%20IT%20requirements . To obtain an ArcGIS Online organizational account, email

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