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Analysis and Mapping

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During the period of social distancing in 2020 all consultation services will be conducted remotely, via either email or Zoom. Contact details for GIS Center staff can be found at our Faculty and Staff page.

The GIS Center provides these customized map production and data modeling services:

  1. Generation of point data based on the GPS or address the customer provides;
  2. Generation of polygon or line features based on CAD files or digitized information;
  3. Digitization and/or scanning of printed maps;
  4. Conversion of scanned images into geo-referenced digital files;
  5. Image enhancement and processing of aerial photos, satellite images, and other remotely sensed datasets;
  6. Overlay of custom data with existing in-house datasets;
  7. Statistical analysis and spatial modeling;
  8. Other map publishing services–contact us for details.

Consulting Fees

  • FIU
    • $50 per hour
  • Non-FIU patrons
    • $75 per hour
    • Payments must be made in advance using FIU SmartBilling, or Personal Check or Money Order made out to “Florida International University” with “GIS Center” in the memo field.

Consulting for Students

Current FIU students may request consulting on research, mapping or data modeling, for up to one hour, free of charge. Consulting services to students cannot include full-scale analysis or map production by GIS Center staff. These consultations are intended to aid students in finding data, homing in on research methods, or executing a particular geospatial tool or workflow. To make a request email us at

*All Services offered by the FIU GIS Center, including fee-based Services, are for support of FIU Educational and Research activities.