Analysis and Mapping

The GIS Center provides these customized map production and data modeling services:

  1. Generation of point data based on the GPS or address the customer provides;
  2. Generation of polygon or line features based on CAD files or digitized information;
  3. Digitization and/or scanning of printed maps;
  4. Conversion of scanned images into geo-referenced digital files;
  5. Image enhancement and processing of aerial photos, satellite images, and other remotely sensed datasets;
  6. Overlay of custom data with existing in-house datasets;
  7. Statistical analysis and spatial modeling;
  8. Other map publishing services–contact us for details.

Consulting Fees

$50 per hour
Non-FIU patrons
$75 per hour
Payments must be made in advance using FIU SmartBilling, or Personal Check or Money Order made out to "Florida International University" with "GIS Center" in the memo field.

*All Services offered by the FIU GIS Center, including fee-based Services, are for support of FIU Educational and Research activities.