Certificate Program Description

Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems


Assefa Melesse, Director, Earth and Environment

Coordinating Committee

Zhaohui Jennifer Fu, Library GIS-RS Center
Jennifer Gebelein, Earth and Environment
Hugh Gladwin, Global and Sociocultural Studies
Dean Whitman, Earth and Environment
Keqi Zhang, Earth and Environment
Xin Jin, Civil and Environmental Engineering

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a set of computer hardware and software used to organize, manipulate, and analyze maps and spatial data.  GIS is a rapidly developing technology that can be applied to many areas of the natural sciences, social sciences, engineering, and planning.

The Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems provides students with an interdisciplinary background in GIS. The program consists of graduate level courses in Geographic Information Systems and related subjects offered by the departments of Biology, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Computer Science, Earth and Environment, Global and Sociocultural Studies, Public Administration, and Statistics. This certificate program is open to degree-seeking students only.

For more information, contact the Program Director, Assefa Melesse: phone: (305) 348-6518; email: melessea@fiu.edu,  or visit the GIS Center website: http://gis.fiu.edu.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must currently be enrolled in a Graduate Degree program at FIU and must exhibit basic proficiency with computers.

Prescribed Courses and Other Requirements

The certificate program will require 15 graduate level credits (5 courses) distributed as follows:

Required Courses: (One course from each of the following 3 categories)

1. Introduction to GIS

CGN 5320             GIS Applications for Civil and Environmental Engineering

GIS 5050               Environmental GIS

Students who demonstrate prior GIS course work or substantial GIS work experience may substitute this requirement with 3 elective credits from the courses listed below with approval of the Program Director.

2. Intermediate/Advanced GIS

CGN 6325             Advanced GIS for Civil and Environmental Engineering

EVR 5044             Advanced GIS and Environmental Data Analysis

GLY 5758              GIS and Spatial Analysis for Earth Sciences

SYA 6356              GIS and Social Research

                            or equivalent

3. Remote Sensing

GLY 5754              Applied Remote Sensing in Earth Sciences

                            or equivalent

Electives: (6 credits out of the following)

CCJ 6079              Geospatial Crime Analysis

COP 6727             Advanced Database Systems

EVR 6268             Remote Sensing in Hydrology

EVR 7056             GIS Water Resources

EVR 7329             Watershed Analysis and Management

GIS 5620               Surveillance, Intelligence, and International Relations

GIS 5935               Topics in GIS

MET 5412             Remote Sensing in Meteorology

PCB 5328             Spatial Ecology

PAD 6710             IT and E-government

PAD 6717             GIS Applications for Urban Management

                           or equivalent

Additional intermediate/advanced GIS courses under Category 2 Required Courses;

Other GIS-related courses approved by the Program Director in consultation with the Coordinating Committee. Up to 3 credits of a graduate level statistics or data analysis course may be counted towards the Certificate requirements with approval of the Program Director.