SmartWater hackathon at FIU

The SmartWater Network (SWAN) Forum is hosting a SmartWater hackathon at FIU on Tuesday, May 14, in advance of their international SmartWater Forum conference on Miami Beach.


The SWAN Forum is an international organization for water managers, and is concerned with issues related to water conservation, water quality and efficiency. 

Miami Dade Water and Sewer is donating 4 years of billing and usage data tied to geographic location in conjunction with the hackathon.

We could really use some GIS students to participate, to further understanding of water data and to compete for cash prizes! 

The hackathon is on Tuesday, May 14, from 9am-5pm, so it will be during Summer A, and faculty may bring their classes.

I am bringing Digital Media students who are skilled in graphic design and video.

It will be a great opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Details on the hackathon are here: