Education Intern @ Rookery Bay Research Reserve

This is a summer internship position with the Rookery Bay Research Reserve in Naples, FL. Please see details below.

Hours Required: Up to 16 hours per week, depending on college requirement. This position requires morning and afternoon availability on one or more of the following days: Wed, Thu, or Fridays.

Position Description: This position is a part-time opportunity serving as the Education Intern at Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve in Naples, FL. This position supports a variety of on and off-site educational programs delivered to audiences of all ages. The prospective intern need not be an education nor science major – art, English, computer majors, etc. could possess skills to aid the education department. Any student with an interest in education or the environment is encouraged to apply.

Requirements: Basic computer skills are required. Selectee must be proficient in Microsoft Office based programs, especially PowerPoint and Word. The intern is expected to arrive on time each day they are scheduled to work and successfully complete assigned tasks within a reasonable time frame. The intern should be prepared for work both inside or outdoors. Preferred skills include: ability to follow directions, ability to manage time appropriately, ability to communicate effectively and appropriately to a variety of age groups, ability to work independently and as part of a team.

Responsibilities: Primary duties include assisting with delivery of programs for 4th grade and 7th grade students. The Education intern will also deliver programs and presentations to the general public visiting the Environmental Learning Center, and have opportunities to participate in high school and college field trips. Based on student’s interest and availability other responsibilities may include: interactive surveys, photography and video production, aquarium assistance, and the handling of live marine animals. The intern will also be expected to observe/participate in field work with other departments to enhance their understanding of the variety of work that takes place within Reserve boundaries.

Opportunities for learning and career growth: The objective of this program is to provide the selected candidate the opportunity to improve their knowledge about coastal and estuarine ecosystems, to develop their public speaking skills, and to utilize their creativity in improving and developing programs and presentations order to assist education department staff deliver high quality, positive and rewarding experiences to visitors to the Reserve.

Start Date: Synonymous with school term

Required Trainings to attend: TBD

To Apply: Email resume and cover letter to Jeannine Windsor at