1. Name: This University Committee shall be known as the “Geographic Information Systems Advisory Committee,” abbreviated as the “GIS Advisory Committee.”
  2. Composition of the Committee: The Committee shall be composed of faculty representatives from the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Engineering, and/or any other academic unit that has a major representation of GIS users. In addition, the Committee shall reflect a representation from outside FIU, but in a close working relationship with FIU. The representatives will be nominated by the college deans and chairs.
  3. The Chair, Acting Chair and Co-chair: The Committee will elect a Chair and a Co-chair. Each shall serve a two-year term. In the first term, Library Administration will recommend an Acting Chair. The Acting Chair serves the term until the Committee elects a Chair.
  4. Committee Meetings: There shall be two regular meetings of the Committee each year. Other meetings may be called by the Chair of the Committee on an as-needed basis. Library Administration and the GIS Coordinator of the Library will attend both meetings. The Chair of the Committee and the GIS Coordinator are responsible for organizing meetings, setting up schedules, and communicating with other members of the Committee as well as with the GIS campus user group.
  5. The Functions of the Committee: The Committee is empowered to adopt policies, recommend services, and review and evaluate the GIS Center’s activities and performance.
  6. Vacancies: In the event of resignation by an elected Chair, the current Co-chair will become the Acting Chair until another Chair is elected by the Committee.